Sale Inventory

Updated: 9/19/2023

Books (New 9/11/2023)
(4) 2 Dr File Cabinet
2 Dr Wood Cabinet Base
2 Drawer Lateral File
(3) 3 Dr File Cabinet
3 Drawer Container
3 Hole Punch
3 Tier Metal Utility Cart
(5) 4 Dr File Cabinet
(4) 5 Dr File Cabinet
8 Dr Wood Cabinet Base
96 Well PCR Plate 25 Pack
Accumet Basic AB15 pH Meter
Acer 19" Monitor
Acer 20" Monitor
(2) Acrylic Box
(2) Acrylic Holder
Advance Reel Cleaner-Multisurface
AE Milk Crate
(5) Air Hose
(5) Air Hose Fitting
(4) Alarm- Shake Awake Digital Alarm
(40) Allen Wrench
Amocam Video Doorphone
AOC 23" Monitor
APC Smart-UPS 620
(2) Apple Cinema Display 20" A1081
Apple iMac 12,2 For Parts No HDD
Apple iMac 13,2 For Parts
Apple iMac 14,2
Apple iMac 14,2 For Parts
(2) Apple iMac 17,1
(13) Apple iMac 18,1
Apple iMac 8,1
Apple iMac 8,1 No HDD
(5) Apple iMac 9,1
Apple iMac 9,1 No HDD
Apple iPad 2 32GB A1397
Apple iPad 2 WiFi Only 16GB A1395
Apple iPad 2 WiFi Only 64GB A1395
Apple iPad 3rd Gen 16GB A1403
Apple iPad 3rd Gen 32GB A1430
Apple iPad 3rd Gen 64GB A1430
Apple iPad 3rd Gen Wi-Fi Only 16GB A1416
(2) Apple iPad 3rd Gen WiFi Only 16GB A1416
Apple iPad 3rd Gen WiFi Only 32GB A1416
(4) Apple iPad 4th Gen Wi-Fi Only 16GB A1458
(2) Apple iPad 4th Gen WiFi Only 16GB A1458
Apple iPad Air 32GB A1475
Apple iPad mini 2 16GB A1489
Apple iPad mini 2 Wi-Fi Only 16GB A1489
Apple iPad mini 4 64GB A1538
(5) Apple Mac Pro 6,1
(6) Apple MacBook Air 6,2
(6) Apple MacBook Air 7,2
Apple Thunderbolt Display 27" A1407
(2) Aqua Culture- Air Pump
Archer Dynamic Headphones
ASUS 21" Monitor
Atmos 7TX Fujikura Driver Shaft
Audio-Technica ATW-T310bC Wireless Transmitter w/Accessories
AWS Blade-1KG Scale
AWS LB-1000 Digital Scale
Axis Handheld Stabilizer
Axis M5014 Camera
(2) Axis M5014 Camera w/Pole/Stand
(3) Basket
Bausch & Lomb Microscope Illuminator
Beckman Coulter System Gold 168 Diode Array Detector
Beckman Coulter System Gold 508 Autosampler
Beckman General Purpose UV/Vis Spectrophotometer DU-520
Belkin F5U021 USB Hub
Bell & Howell Head Phones 707849
(2) Bell & Howell Headset 707849
Bike-Vintage Columbia
(2) Bio Rad 583 Gel Dryer
(8) Blender (Lab use only)
(6) Blender (lab use only)
(4) Blender Jar (no lid)
(6) Blender Jar w/Lid (lab use only)
(11) Blender Metal Jar/Top (Lab Use Only)
Book-"Time & Change" 150 Years of Ohio State Univeristy
Bosch 747 Hammer Drill
(8) Bose Model 32 Speaker
Bose Model 5 Speaker
Bottle Buddy Shelf
Bronwill Drill Pump
Brother TN-115M Magenta Toner
Brother TN-115Y Yellow Toner
Buchler Flash-Evaporator (parts only)
Buchler Fracto Mette 200
Buhl 8.5" EFL F3:9 Lens Cat# 671-60
Bunn Coffee Pot
(2) Bunsen Burner
Misc. Burette Clamp
Butcher Block Table
(2) Cable-Misc. Sizes
Cafe 98 Coffee Dispenser
(2) Calculator- Texas Instrument BA II Plus
(5) Calculator- Texas Instrument TI-30x IIS
(5) Calculator- Texas Instrument TI-30XA
Calculator- Texas Instrument TI-30XS
(3) Calculator- Texas Instrument TI-36x Pro
Calculator- Texas Instrument TI-83 Plus
Calculator- Texas Instrument TI-84 Plus
(6) Calculator- Texas Instrument TI-84 Plus CE
Calculator- Texas Instrument TI-nspire cx
(4) Cambro Coldfest 10" x 10" Square 6"D Crock
(11) Cambro Coldfest 6" x 6" Square 4 1/2"D Crock
(2) Cambro Coldfest Fluted Pasta Bowl
Camera Bag
(46) Camera Misc. Parts/Holders/Filters
Camera Parts (2pc)
Canon CanoScan LiDE 110
Canon EOS Rebel T5i 18MP Digital SLR Camera
Canon FX3 Cartridge
Canon MP11DX Calculator
Canon MP27D Calculator
Canon PowerShot A560 7.1MP Point and Shoot Digital Camera - Silver
Canon Zoom Lens EF-S 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6 IS II Image Stabilizer Macro
Carafe (no lid)
Cardio Theater xTV-FM
(13) Carpet Square
Carry Case
Casio FX-CG10
Casio Scientific Calculator
Casio- FX95ES Plus Calculator
Caulk Gun
(2) CD Digital Multimeter Model DT860D
(38) Chair
Chattanooga TX-7 Traction Unit
(2) Christmas Tin
Cisco Meraki MR18
Cisco Network Switch SG110D-05
Cisco Systems Aironet 1200 Wireless Access Point
(45) Clamps Misc.
(45) Coax Cable 12'
Cobra Auto-Gamma
Cobra Punch Puller (parts only)
(7) Coffee Cup
Coin Wrappers $2-Nickels (box-1000)
Color CCD Camera
Conference System
Connect Pro VGA-EDID
(6) Container
Containers w/Lid (box)
(4) Containers w/Lids (box)
Cooler Bag
Copper Wire (roll)
(6) Cork Board
(2) Cork Board Panel
(2) Corning PC310 Stirrer
Counter Top
Cres Cor Aluminum Enclosed Cabinet
(2) Creston CNTBLOCK Cresnet Distribution Block
Crosley CT 15A2 Refrigerator
(2) Curtain Rod
Curtains (pair)
Cylinder Clamp w/Strap
Cylinder Container w/Lid (qty-4 bag)
D Link DGS-2208
(2) D-Link 8-Port Ethernet Switch
(2) D-Link DES-1105 Ethernet Switch
D-Link DES-1105 Switch
D-Link DES-1108 Switch
D-Link DUB-H7 USB 2.0 Hub
D-Link Ethernet
(2) D-Link Ethernet Switch
D-Linlk DGS-1008G
Daiohs First Choice Coffee Services FC-LD w/Two Pots
(2) Data Transfer Switch
Dayton Pallet Jack (as is)
(4) Dell 17" Monitor
(8) Dell 19" Monitor
(14) Dell 20" Monitor
Dell 20" Monitor No Stand
(24) Dell 22" Monitor
(4) Dell 22" Monitor No Stand
(6) Dell 23" Monitor
(8) Dell 24" Monitor
(2) Dell 27" Monitor
Misc. Dell HDD Caddies
Dell Inspiron 700m For Parts
Dell Inspiron N4110 For Parts
(2) Dell Latitude 5285
Dell Latitude 5290 2-in-1
Dell Latitude 6420
Dell Latitude 6540
(2) Dell Latitude 7480
Dell Latitude 7480 For Parts
Dell Latitude D400 For Parts
Dell Latitude D620 For Parts
Dell Latitude D620 No Charger No HDD
Dell Latitude D620 No HDD
Dell Latitude D630
Dell Latitude D630 No Charger No HDD
(2) Dell Latitude D630 No HDD
Dell Latitude D830 For Parts
(2) Dell Latitude E5400 No HDD
(7) Dell Latitude E5440
(5) Dell Latitude E5450
(5) Dell Latitude E5450 For Parts
Dell Latitude E5450 No Charger
Dell Latitude E5450 No HDD
Dell Latitude E6400 No HDD
Dell Latitude E6410
Dell Latitude E6410 For Parts
Dell Latitude E6410 No Charger
Dell Latitude E6410 No Charger No HDD
Dell Latitude E6420 For Parts
(3) Dell Latitude E6420 No Charger
(4) Dell Latitude E6420 No HDD
(2) Dell Latitude E6430
Dell Latitude E6430 For Parts
(3) Dell Latitude E6430 No Charger
(2) Dell Latitude E6430 No HDD
Dell Latitude E6440
(2) Dell Latitude E6440 No Charger
Dell Latitude E6520 No HDD
(2) Dell Latitude E6540
Dell Latitude E6540 No HDD
(4) Dell Latitude E7240
(5) Dell Latitude E7440
Dell Latitude E7440 For Parts
(3) Dell Latitude E7440 No Charger
Dell Latitude E7450
(2) Dell Latitude E7450 For Parts
(2) Dell Latitude E7470
Dell Latitude X1 No Charger No HDD
Dell Latitude XT No Charger
(3) Dell LTO Ultrium Cleaning Cartridge
Dell Mobile Computing Cart ERGITD-001
Dell OptiPlex 5040
(7) Dell Optiplex 5040
(5) Dell Optiplex 7060
(3) Dell Optiplex 7070
Dell OptiPlex 9010
(4) Dell Optiplex 9010
(11) Dell Optiplex 9020
(3) Dell OptiPlex 9020
Dell OptiPlex 960
Dell Optiplex 960
(6) Dell Optiplex 980
(5) Dell Optiplex 990
Dell OptiPlex 990
Dell PowerConnect 3424
Dell PowerConnect 3524P
(9) Dell Precision 3420
Dell Precision M6800 No Charger No HDD
Dell Precision T1600
Dell Precision T1650
Dell Precision T1700
Dell Precision T3400
Dell Precision T3500
Dell Precision T3600
Dell Precision T5500
(7) Dell Precision Tower 3420
Dell Studio 1749 NoHDD
(25) Desk
Digital Adapter DCI105MCC
Diogo Jota by Displate Design No. 3293808_1001_Matte
Dionex CD20, AD20, AS40, and GP40
Dirt Devil Versa Clean SD20010
(22) Dish Rack
(6) Disposable Otoscope Tips 2.5mm (box)
Double Pocket Dividers
Dress Form w/ Stand
Dri-Clave 75 Dry Heat Sterilizer
Misc. Drill Bits
Drill Box
DVD Case
Dwyer Vaneometer
Dymo Label Maker
DYMO LabelWriter Twin Turbo Label Printer Model 93085
DYMO Mimio Pad RCK-M01
E-C Apparatus EC 250-90 Power Supply
Ear Muffs
Edmund Optics Mirror Laser 248NM 45 DEG
Einstruction CPS Classroom Performance Clicker Remotes
Eldex Laboratories Temperature Control Module and Column Heater CH-150
Electronic Time Keeper
Electronic Time Keeper- Sunbeam
(2) Electronics Shelf
Emerson Microwave
EPIPHAN External Frame Grabber VGA2USB LR
Epiphan VGA2USB
Eppendorf Thermomixer R
Epson M244A Thermal Printer
(2) Ergotron Mounting Monitor Arm
Extron A/V Switcher
Extron DA2 HD 4K Distribution Amplifier
Extron DA2 HD 4K HDMI 2 Output Distribution Amplifier
(2) Extron Display Box
(2) Extron IPL 250
Extron MLA VC10 Plus
Extron MLA VC10 Plus Volume Control Module
(2) Extron MPA 401 Amplifier
Extron P/2 DA2 Plus
Extron Scaling Presentation Switcher
(6) Extron TLP 350MV Touch Link Panel
Extron TLP 350MV Touchpanel
Extron TLP 700TV Touch Link Panel
(2) Eye Piece-Microscope
Fidget Toy
Fine Point Permanent Markers (bag)
(2) Fisher Biotech Electrophoresis Autoradiography Cassette
(3) Fisher Cylinder Clamp w/Strap
(2) Fisher Lab Enamelware
(2) Fisher Scientific Quartz Semimicro Cells Cuvettes
Fisnar Stand
(7) Flask- 125ML
(2) Flask- 200mL
Floor Mat
(5) Floor Scrubber
(14) Floral/Plastic Containers
Fotodyne 3-3000 UV Transilluminator
Four Drawer Wood Lateral File
Frezzi LI-Ion Battery Charger FLC-2V w/2 Batteries
(2) Futon
Garbage Bin
GE General Electric Vintage Light Meter
(4) Gear
(3) Gear Shaft
GEI-56110 Motor w/Pump
Gel Electrophoresis MPH 5200 w/Misc. other pieces
Glass Lens
(4) Glass Mosaic Cutter Nipper
Glidecam Industries L4-PRO 4" Video Monitor
Gopher Bar Rack
Gould Safety Switch
Graflex Optar 135 mm F4.7 in a Graphex Shutter
Graflex Speed Graphic 4x5 Camera
Gray Storage Tub
Hacksaw Frame 12"
Hand Saw
(2) Hangers (qty-10)
Hanging File Folders (box)
Harvard Apparatus 552
Harvard Apparatus Infusion/Withdrawl Pump 2205
Health O Meter Scale
Heittch Mikro 200 Micro Centrifuge
(2) Herman Miller Rolling Chair
Hewlett Packard 48SX
Hewlett Packard Scientific Calculator
Hewlett-Packard Calculator
HoverCam Solo Spark II Document Camera
HP 22" Monitor
HP 24" Monitor
HP 27X Toner
HP 51629A Ink
HP 902XL Cyan High-yield Ink Cartridge
HP 902XL Magenta High-yield Ink Cartridge
HP 902XL Yellow High-yield Ink Cartridge
HP 98A Toner
HP C4906A Ink
HP CE262A Toner
HP CE263A Toner
HP Color LaserJet CP2025
HP Compaq nc6400 For Parts
(2) HP LaserJet 4250n
HP LaserJet M401n
HP LaserJet P2055D B/W
(2) HP LaserJet P3015
HP LaserJet P4015 B/W
HP LaserJet P4015n
HP LaserJet P4515n
HP OfficeJet 951XL Ink
HP OfficeJet Pro 8620
HP Pavilion dv2000 For Parts
HP Pavilion dv4
HP ProBook 650 G2 For Parts
HP Procurve Switch 2824 J4903A
HP Scanjet 5500C
HP Scanjet 6200C
HP Scanjet 7650
HP Scanjet N6310
HP TouchSmart 15 For Parts No HDD
HP Vectra For Parts
Ice Bucket/Tray
IDR-26: 60 Hz ELF milliGaussmeter
IGS-190 Motion Capture Suit w/Accessories
Iogear Mini View 8 Port VGA KvM Switch GCS1808
(3) iPad 4th Gen Cases
ISU Big 12 Conference Banner
(4) Janus Diet/Postal Scale Model 150
(9) Jar w/Lid
Jenco pH Meter Model 63
Jennings JS-150V Scale
Jouan MR22i Centrifuge
Jump Rope
JVC HA-RX300 Headphones
(3) Kanthal Silicon Carbide (box qty. 2)
Kelvin 50LE Multimeter
Kenmore 21 Fridge
Kenmore Refrigerator
Keyspan USB Adapter
Kimax 250mL Glass Squibb Separatory Funnel
(41) Kitchen Utensils
Klett-Summerson Photoelectric Colorimeter
Klinger Programmable Stepping Motor Controller CC1.2
Knee Brace
Kodak EDAS 290 Light Shroud Document
(13) Kodak Slide Carousel Tray
Kramer 123V XL Differential Video Line Amplifier
Kramer 1:2 DVI Distributor VM-2HDCP
(4) Kramer HDMI Line Receiver
Kramer HQV VP-728 HDMI Switcher Scaler
Kramer PT-572+ HDMI Line Receiver
(2) Kramer Tools 123VXL
Kramer Tools VP-300 VGA 1:3 High Resolution XGA DA
Kramer VM-3V Video Distributor
Kramer VP-200K High Res VGA Computer Graphics Video Distribution Amplifier
Kramer VP-6A Cat5 Distributor
Krouse Testing Machine Lathe
(3) Lab Glass
Lab Glass- 250mL
Labconco Glass 900mL Fast-Freeze
(2) Label Maker- Zebra Technologies
Laundry Bag
Leeds & Northrup 8690-2 Millivolt Potentiometer
Leitz Wetzlar Focotar 16781R
Lenovo 22" Monitor
Lenovo B570
(10) Lenovo ThinkPad OneLink+ Dock
Lenovo ThinkPad T430s For Parts
Lenovo Thinkvision LT2252p 22" Monitor
Lexmark 24B6015 Black Toner
Lexmark 24B6025 Imaging Unit
(2) Lexmark M5155 Printer
(2) Lexmark XC2132 Printer
(2) LG 19" Monitor
(5) LG 42" TV LG42LD450C
LG XNote P1 For Parts
(7) Light Fixture
(4) Light Fixture (Round-Large)
Line Document Holder
Linksys LGS105 5-Port Gigabit Switch
Locker Open Shelving Unit 63" H x 96"W
(2) Long HDMI Cable
(9) Lounge Chair
Lunch Box
Machine Screws
Machine Screws (box)
Magellan Meridian Gold GPS
Misc. Mailing Tube
(2) Mailing Tube (box-50)
Malvern 270 Dual Detector
(16) Master Padlock w/Key
Maytag Gas Stove
(2) Membrane Filters (box)
Men's Watch
Meridian Northern Telecom 3X8
(3) Metal Cabinet
Metal Display Rack
Metal Organizer
Metal Shelf
(4) Metal Shelving Unit
(5) Metal Tray
(9) Mic Cord
(2) Micro Reaction Vessels 1mL
Microphone Stand
(8) Microscope Eye Piece
Microscope Slide Box
Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro
(4) Milk Crate
(2) Millipore Immersible CX-10 Filter (box)
Milwaukee Falcon 3/4" Rotary Hammer
Milwaukee Magnum Hole Shooter 1/2" Corded Drill 0234-1
Milwaukee Sawzall
Mind Set Expansion Connector
Minolta Camera Lens
Misc. 19V PSU's
(20) Misc. MacBook Cases
(24) Misc. PDU Cables
Misc. Plates/Bowls
(4) Misc. Power Distribution Units
MJ Research Programmable Thermal Cycler : PTC-100
Monitor Arm
Motorola Impres Charger
MXL AC-406 USB Portable Conferencing Microphone
Nady Silver Series Receiver and Headset
Nails (jar)
Nalgene 6720-9150 Acrylic Tube Rack w/Cover
Napco NLW-200 Laboratory Glassware Washer
NEC NP325OW (parts only)
NEC NP325OW-Projector
NEC NP41 Projector
(2) NEC NP43 Projector
NEC VT660 Projector
Netgear AC1000 WiFi Router R6080
Netgear ProSafe 5 Gigabit Switch GS105
Nicolet Magna-IR 560 Spectrometer (parts only)
Nikon Remote Focus 600FN
Nikon UN2-PSU100 Power Supply
(16) OEM Apple Remote
Omega Model FMA-A2405-SS Flow Meter (parts only)
Optimus 33-3014 Omnidirectional Microphone
Oreintal Motor (parts only)
(4) Organizer
Orion 410A Ph meter
Ornaments/Bells (bag)
Orsat Analyzer
(3) Overhead Bin
Overhead Lights (pair)
Overhead Projector
OWC SpeedPlus DVD Writer
Owl Thermo Scientific Electrophoresis System
Oxo Madoline Vegtable Slicer
Packing Material
Panagor Auto-Bellowscope M42
Panel Heater
Paper Clips (bag)
Paper Cutter
(3) Paper Tray
Parts Misc. (bag)
(2) Party Decor (bag)
Pedestal (for art)
(2) Pedestal Table
(3) Pepsi Cola Pop Tray
Perkin Elmer Recorder Pen !
Pharmacia Phast System w/Owners Manual
Phast System Seperation and Control Unit
(2) Philippe Richard Pan
Photoflex FV-BSL3200 100-220V Starlite Body
Pivot Barbell
(5) Plague
Plant Picks
Plantronics C054 Base Station
Plantronics Headset
Platronics Headset
(11) Play Station/X Box Games
(4) Pneumatic Blow Gun
Pneumoscan S-301 (parts only)
Polaris Weight Bench
Polycom Sound Station IP6000
Polyspring Inserts (bag)
PowerVar ABCEG401-11 UPS
(2) Precision Pipette Tips (bag)
Pride Mobility Go-Go Elite Traveler 3-Wheel (needs new battery)
Probe- Hanna Instruments
Projector Bag
(38) Projector Bulbs
Proxim Orinoco AP-2000 Wireless Access Point
(2) Pumpkin Deco
Pyrex 125mL Glass Squibb Separatory Funnel
(3) QuickScan 6000 plus
Radiometer BMS 3 Mk2 Blood Micro System
(3) Realistic Electret Condenser Replacement Mic/Microphone
(11) Realistic Electret Condenser Replacement Mic/Microphone Cat No. 33-1060
Remington Ear Muffs
(22) Remote
(9) Remote/Button Starter
(2) Ricoh EDP 841339 Toner Yellow
(3) Ricoh EDP 841340 Toner Magenta
RImage RAS27E CD/DVD Duplicator/Printer
RKI Portable Multi-Gas Monitor GX-2001
RKI Portable Multi-Gas Monitor GX-2003
Rockwell 1/2" Drill 7556 w/Right Angle Attachment
Rodenstock 14in 360mm f/9 APD Ronar Lens
Rodenstock-Rotelar 270mm Lens
Roll Labels
(37) Rolling Chair
Rolling Desk
Rough Cut Ash 16.5 B.F.
(35) Rubber Stoppers Assorted Sizes
Sage Instruments Syrnge Pump 341B (parts)
Samsung 22" Monitor
Samsung Syncmaster 22" Monitor
Savant ISS110-120 Integated Speed Vac Systsem
(2) Scanner Holder
Scarecrow Deco
Scientific Glassware (Box)
Screws Misc. w/Container
Sediment Corer
(13) Seed Trays
Senston Racket Bag
Sescom PO-17 Interface Box Mixer Line Inputs Balance Line Output
Sharp EL-1197P III Calculator
(2) Shelf
Shower Caddy
Shure Headset Microphone
Shure T1G-CG Receiver
Sigma Acrylic Holder
SignVideo IE-6 6x1 Firewire Switch
Silver .925 8" Cuban Link Bracelet
(2) Single Head Stethoscope
Skinfold Caliper w/Case
(7) Sled Chair
SLT Labinstruments Spectra II Microplate Reader (parts only)
(6) Sofa
Sonnet Rackmac Mini Enclosure
(2) Sony Adaptor AC-550
Sony CFD-55 AM/FM Radio CD/Cassette Boombox
Sony CMA-D2 Camera Adapter
Sony Microphone
Sony TV Zoom Lens
Sony VCL-HA07A Lens
Sony XLR Audio Adapter
Sorvall RC-5B Centrifuge (parts only)
Sound Station 2
SP200 Spectrum Tube Power Supply
Sprockets (box)
StarTech 2 Port USB DVI KVM Switch Kit
Steel Case File Cabinet
Stethoscope Classic 28"
Stock Equipment C23919-6 Calibration Probe
StockerYale Imagelite
(11) Sun Glasses
Sunbeam Toaster
Swingline Electric Stapler
(8) Table
Table (used for saw) 5' 9" W x 4' D
Table 32 1/2"x66"
Table 36"x72"
(3) Tea Cup
(2) Tea Cup w/Saucer
Tea Lights (bag)
Teckman Precision Screwdrivers
Tekmar Model TR-10 Power Control (parts only)
Telex Microphone
Telex Prostar VB12 Receiver and Headset
Telex Prostar VR12 Receiver
Misc. Test Tube Rack
(2) Texas TI-83 Plus
Texas TI-89 Titanium
The Buck Calibrator M-30
Thermador Convection Oven w/Electric Stove Top
Thermo Electron Model 11210807 Benchtop
Thermo Orion 3 Star pH Portable
Thermo Scientific Channel Pipette 1250uL
Thermo Scientific Channel Pipette 250uL
Thermo Scientific Savant ISS110 Speedvac Concentrator
(24) Threaded Metal Rod
Threaded Rod
TIF Instruments 2300 Power Factor Meter
Titmus 2a Screener w/Control
(3) TOA M-01 Microphone Input Module
TOA Series 900 Amp
Tool Drawer
Toshiba Satellite P205D-S7802 For Parts
(3) Trash Can
(3) Trash Can w/ Lid
Trays (package)
Trays (package/box)
Tricor 805A Gloss/Surface Analysis System
Trimble Pocket GPS Pathfinder
Tripp-Lite PDUV30HV Power Distribution Unit
Triton T2 Scale
Trophy Case- Glass w/ Light
Tube- Water Quality Parts
UMax PowerLook 3000
Umbro Soccer Ball
(3) Unitech MS241-3UG Magnetic Strip Reader
(5) USB 2 Way- Cord LWR
(3) USB 2.0 Cables-Star Tech
USN-150 Scale
Vacuum Chamber
VariZoom Video Monitor VZTFT7
(2) Vase
Vase Filler
Versaflo Battery Charger
Versaflo Battery Charger W/ Charger
Vetra Soft Touch Volley Ball
Vials (box)
Video and S-Video Switch
(2) ViewSonic 17" Monitor
(2) ViewSonic 19" Monitor
Viscotek GPC Max VE2001 GPC Solvent/Sample Module (parts only)
Wall Organizer
(3) Wallet- Genuine Leather
Wasp TT 2.00" x 1.00" Labels
Wasp WPL305E Barcode Label Printer
(5) Watch
Water Bottle- Bubba Stainless Steel
Water Bottle-Built
(2) Water Bottle-Camelbak
Water Bottle-D Homes
Water Bottle-Dutch Bros
(4) Water Bottle-Gatorade GX
(2) Water Bottle-Hydra Peak
Water Bottle-Hydro Flask
Water Bottle-ISU
Water Bottle-Owala
Water Bottle-Ozark Trail
Water Bottle-Polar Camel
Water Bottle-Thermo Flask
Water Bottle-Welly
Water Bottle-Zak
Weight Bar Grip
Weight Belt
Weight Shelf
White Board
(2) White Grease Make Up
(5) Whiteboard w/ Shelf
Wilson Indoor Basketball
Wind Power Kit
(10) Wire Basket
Wire Rack
(2) Wire-Spool
Wired Button
Wood Chair
Wood Organizer
(7) Wood Shelf
(2) Wood Shelf/Storage 7' 8.5" H x 4' W
Wood Shelving Unit
Wood Stool
Wyatt Technology WISL-01 Injection System
Xerox ColorQube 8570 Cyan Ink
Xerox Phaser 3600 B/W
Xerox XRX-15X Shredder
Xit Digital Slave Flash
Xit Pro Series 0.43X HD AF Wide Angle Lens
Xit Pro Series 2.2X HD AF Telephoto Lens
Xit Pro Series HD 3 Pc. Digital Filter Set
Zeiss K 12/5x Eye Piece-Microscope
Zonet ZFS3008 8-Port Ethernet Switch


Upcoming Closings

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Sale Hours

Office Furniture

File Cabinets $5 - $50
Metal Desks $5 - $50
Wood Desks $25- $200
Tables $5 - $50
Chairs $1 - $50
$10 - $100

Computer Equipment

Keyboards $3
Mice $3
Speakers $1-5
Printers $1 - $100
Computers $1 - $300
Servers $10 - $300
Monitors $1 - $75
Cables $0.25 - $5
Hard Drives $3-30