Sale Inventory

Updated: 5/23/2023

Books (New 4/3/2023)
1/4" - 1/8" Audio Adapters (5pk)
(2) 2 Dr File Cabinet
2 Dr Wood Dresser
(3) 2 Hole Punch
(7) 3 Dr File Cabinet
(4) 4 Dr File Cabinet
4 Dr Lateral File Cabinet
(6) 5 Dr File Cabinet
5 Dr Lateral File
Accumet AR15 pH Meter
Acoustic B30 Amplifier
(17) ACR Systems Smart Reader 2 Temp Humidity Logger
Misc. Adding Machine Tape Roll(s)
Agilent Technologies G4841A Recirculating Chiller
Alesis Multimix 8 USB FX
All Thread 3/8"-6' (4 piece)
(4) Aluminum Pitcher 4" approx Opening
(8) Aluminum Pitcher 6" approx Opening
AO Spencer Ortho-Illuminator
APC Smart-UPS RT 3000
Apple iMac 12,1
(2) Apple iMac 12,2 For Parts
Apple iMac 13,1
Apple iMac 13,2 For Parts
(2) Apple iMac 14,1
(2) Apple iMac 14,1 For Parts
Apple iMac 15,1 For Parts
(3) Apple iMac 17,1 For Parts
Apple iMac 7,1 For Parts
Apple iMac 7,1 No OS
(2) Apple iMac 8,1 No OS
Apple Mac Mini 6,2
(2) Apple Mac Mini 7,1
(4) Apple Mac Pro 6,1
Apple MacBook Air 6,2
Apple MacBook Air 6,2 No Charger
(3) Apple MacBook Air 7,2 No Charger
Apple MacBook Air SuperDrive
Apple MacBook Pro 11,1
Apple MacBook Pro 11,1 No Charger
Apple MacBook Pro 12,1
Apple MacBook Pro 12,1 No Charger
Apple MacBook Pro 13,1 No Charger
Apple MacBook Pro 13,2 No Charger
Apple SuperDrive A1270
(2) Apple xServe 3,1
Aqua Culture Air Pump
Archival Document Repair Tape 1"W
Area Rug
Asante 10T Hub/8
Assorted Filing Labels
Athletic Sign
Atiz BookDrive Pro Scanner
Audio Technica AT8681 Mic Combiner
Audio Technica Sennheiser ew-300GZ Transmitter
(2) B-D Cornwall 5cc Control Syringe
Bacharach Portable Gas Deection 0023-7231 (parts only)
Bag of Glass Vials
Bag of Small Glass Jar Vials
(4) Barrister Bookcase
(2) Basket
Baush & Lomb Spectronic 20
Beckman Zeromatic pH Meter
Behringer Ultratone K900 FX
Behringer Xenyx 1002B Audio Mixer w/Soft Case
Belkin F4U095 Thunderbolt Dock
Bendix Unico Percision Gas Detector 400
Bike-Huffy Mt Storm
Bio-Rad PTC0200 Thermal Cycler
Biotage Initiator EXP US with Robot Eight
(2) Blanket
Book-"Peter and the Secret of Rundoon" 1st Edition Barry Pearson
Book-"Peter and the Shadow Thieves" 1st Edition Barry Pearson
Book-"The Book of Virtures" William J Bennett
(28) Bose Model 32 Flush Mount Speaker
(10) Bowling Ball
(6) Bowling Pin
Brewer Automatic Pipetting Machine 60453
Brita Water Bottle
Brookfiled DV-II+ Pro Viscometer
Brother MFC-7440N
Buchler Fracto Mette 200
Butcher Block Tabletop w/ Outlet
CablesToGo TruLink 2-Port VGA KVM
Calbiochem 475855 Miracloth
Canon Booster Meter w/Case
(2) Canon ImageFormula DR-4010C
(2) Canon ImageFormula DR-6010C
Canon Photo Micro Unit F
(2) Carle Micro Detector Control 1110-A
Carpet Padding 3/8 “
(13) Carpet Square
Cavro Syringe
CD/DVD Envelopes
Cel-Gro Tissue Culture Rotator
Cellophane Roll
Misc. Chair
Chicago Surgical & Electrical 591 Round Warmer
Climate Control Foot Rest
Coffee Grinder
(2) Coffee Table
(2) Command Center-Surge Protector
Compucessory CCS 60052 Shredder
Conference Table
(2) Container
Coors Funnel 2" Diam.
Coors Funnel 2.5" Diam.
(7) Copy Paper 8 1/2" x 14"
Corded Microphone
(2) Cork Board
Corning Mega Pure System MP-1
Cortelco Phone
Costar Membrane Filtration Products
(11) Counter-Time-Frequency Meter Earling Model 32-8088
Crank Lift Table
Crawford UV Monitor Type 760
Cuisinart Blender-Lab Use Only
Curtin Matheson Scientific Inc. Water Bath
Custodial Cart Bag
Cymbal Stand
Cymbal Stand (no boom) Parts
Cymbal Stand Bag
Cymbal Stand w/Boom
D-Link DES-1108 Ethernet Switch
(2) D-Link DES-8+ Ethernet Switch
(3) D-Link DGS-1008G
(4) Da-Lite Projector Screen
Daige Wax Coater
(2) Dell 17" Monitor
(2) Dell 18" Monitor
(32) Dell 19" Monitor
(11) Dell 20" Monitor
(37) Dell 22" Monitor
(16) Dell 22" Monitor No Stand
(3) Dell 23" Monitor
(13) Dell 24" Monitor
Dell 3110cn Toner Cartridge
Dell B1260 Printer
Dell DPWC400 NVMe Adapter
Dell Inspiron 7537
(2) Dell K16A Dock
(4) Dell K17A Dock
Dell K20A Dock
Dell LaserWriter B5460dn
Dell Latitude 7400
Dell Latitude 7410 For Parts
(9) Dell Latitude 7480
(5) Dell Latitude 7490
Dell Latitude D620 No Charger
(3) Dell Latitude D630 No Charger
Dell Latitude E4300 No Charger
Dell Latitude E4310 No Charger
(3) Dell Latitude E5470
Dell Latitude E6320 No Charger
Dell Latitude E6400 No Charger
(2) Dell Latitude E6410 No Charger
Dell Latitude E6420 No Charger
(2) Dell Latitude E6430 No Charger
Dell Latitude E6440 No Charger
Dell Latitude E6520 No Charger
(2) Dell Latitude E6540 No Charger
(2) Dell Latitude E7450
(8) Dell Latitude E7470
(2) Dell Latitude E7470 For Parts
Dell Latitude E7470 No HDD
Dell Latitude E7480
(2) Dell OptiPlex 390
(6) Dell OptiPlex 5040
Dell Optiplex 5040
Dell OptiPlex 7010
Dell Optiplex 7020
(4) Dell OptiPlex 7050
Dell OptiPlex 7060
Dell Optiplex 7060
(2) Dell Optiplex 7440 AIO
(4) Dell OptiPlex 7440 AIO
(3) Dell OptiPlex 7450 AIO
Dell Optiplex 7450 AIO
(6) Dell OptiPlex 9010
(4) Dell Optiplex 9010
(7) Dell Optiplex 9010 AIO
(8) Dell Optiplex 9020
(16) Dell OptiPlex 9020
Dell Optiplex 9020 AIO
(3) Dell OptiPlex 9030 AIO
Dell Optiplex 9030 AIO
(2) Dell OptiPlex 960
(3) Dell Optiplex 960
Dell OptiPlex 980
(2) Dell Optiplex 980
(5) Dell Optiplex 990
(6) Dell OptiPlex 990
Dell PowerEdge R310
Dell PowerEdge R410
Dell PowerEdge R420
(2) Dell PowerEdge R610
Dell PowerEdge R620
(3) Dell PowerEdge R710
Dell PowerEdge R710 For Parts
Dell PowerEdge R720
Dell PowerEdge R815
Dell PowerVault MD3220i
Dell Precision 3420
Dell Precision M4600 For Parts
Dell Precision M7400 No Charger
(3) Dell Precision T1650
(17) Dell Precision T1700
Dell Precision T3500
(7) Dell Precision T3600
Denver Instruments XL-410 Scale
(22) Desk
Desk w/ Wheels
Desktop Computer Microphone
Misc. Dishwasher Rack
Display Stand
Door Mirror
Drum Mic Stand
(4) Drum/Cymbal Stand Part
(2) Drummond Pipet Aid 115V AC 4W
DW Cymbal Stand w/Accessory Mount
(10) Dymetec "N" Heavy Duty Nylon Strap (5-pack)
Dymo 30323 Shipping Labels
Dymo 30376 Hanging File Tab Inserts
(5) Dymo D1 45803 Label Cassette Tape
Easy Gate Bracket System for Gates 24" to 72"
EG&G Ortec 921 Spectrum Master
ELMO EVW 82V 250W Projector
(3) ELMO HP-L3600 Presenter
ELMO P10 Presenter
ELMO P30HD Presenter
(6) ELMO P30S Presenter
End Table
Energizer LED Flashlight
Epson 252 Cartridge
(2) Epson ELPDC21 Document Camera
Epson ELPLP 94 Projector Lamp
EPSON Perfection V30 Scanner
(3) Epson Powerlite 1985WU Projector
Ergotron Work Sit Stand Dual Monitor Workstation
Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Guitar Strings
EVD-3000 Hand Held Explosive Detector w/Case
(2) Everett Piano
(10) Extron DVS 605
Extron IN 1608
(7) Extron TLP 700TV TouchLink Panel
Extron TLP VIM
Extron XTP PI 100
(3) Falcon 2058 Round Bottom Tube Qty 25
Fellowes Powershred PS 30
Fender Rumble 100 PR2465 Bass Amp
Fetco CBS-2042e Commercial Coffee Brewer
(3) Fetco CBS-52H Commercial Coffee Brewer
File Folder (box)
File Folders (bag)
(6) File Folders (box)
File Pocket Folder (box)
Fire Safety Cabinet
(8) First Aid Kit
Fisher 115 Versamix
Fisher 16 Flexa-Mix
Fisher Accumet pH Meter Model 610
Fisher Isotemp 500 Series 526G
Fisher pipets (box)
Fisher Scientific 14100143 Mini Plate Spinner Centrifuge
Fisher Scientific AB15 PH Meter
Fisher Scientific Freezer (Lab Use Only)
Fisher Scientific ISO Temp 228 Water bath
Fisher Scientific Micro Centrifuge Model 235C
Fisher Scientific Model 10 pH Meter
Fluke Fiber Test Tools Kit
Folding Chair
Folding Table
Foot Rest
Fotodyne 3-3000 UV Transilluminator
Fotodyne 60-2105 Gel Imaging System with Camera and Analyst
(3) Fox Canvas Duffel Cargo Style Bag
Foxboro Miran 1A CVF Gas Ambient Air Analyzer w/Case
Frame 8"x10"
Franklin Language Master LM-6000b
Fujitsu ScanSnap ix500
Gateway NS-7000 Server
GE Refrigerator (Dept. Only)
Gel Electrophoresis System (parts only)
General Electric Edison 150 Lightbulb
Glas-Col Pelser Vortex Test Tube Mixer PV-5
Glass Display Plate
Glass Impingers w/Holder and Case
Glass Lid
Glass Tray/Dish
(2) Gopher Performance Soccer Net
(4) Granite Cork Board 24"x36"
Haake FJ
Haake Recirculating Lab Waterbath
Hach Digita Titrator Test Kit 16900-01
Hand Sanitizer Stand
Hanging Name Badges
Harbinger L120FX 12-Channel Mixer
(13) Head Phones/Ear Protector
(13) Heating Mantles w/ cords
Hi-Steam Vacuum Ironing Board PND-2500A
Hoshizaki Ice Machine Model KM-250BWF
(2) HP 304A Cyan Toner
(3) HP 304A Magenta Toner
HP 8460P No Charger
HP Color Laser Jet 4700n
HP Color LaserJet 4700dn
HP DeskJet 6940
HP LaserJet 1022
HP LaserJet 1150
HP LaserJet 1320
(4) HP LaserJet 2300dn
HP LaserJet 4300
HP LaserJet 4300 dtn
HP LaserJet 55x
HP LaserJet M402dn
(2) HP LaserJet P1102w
HP LaserJet P1505n
HP LaserJet P1600
HP LaserJet P2015
(2) HP LaserJet P2055d
(2) HP LaserJet P3015
HP Monitor 22"
HP OfficeJet 901
HP OfficeJet Pro 8730
HP Q1397A Paper Roll
HP ScannerJet G4010
HP Z400 Workstation
Hydra peak Water Bottle
Hydra Peak Water Bottle
Hydro Flask Water Bottle
IBM x3550 M3
IEC Centra CL2
IL 1620 ph/blood Gas Analyzer
(2) iMac 13,2 For Parts
(2) iMac 17,1 For Parts
Industrial Sewing Machine Transmitter Motor PS-6 w/Table
Innovation 450i Integrated Receiver/Descrambler
Instant Easel 63" H
Instrument Cable Mic Female to 1/8"
(10) Inviro Roller Bottle Cat.#1751 (case 20)
Ion Equipment CT-100 Pump Part
iPad 2 Wi-Fi Only 16GB A1395
(13) iPad 4th Gen Cases
iPad Air Wi-Fi Only 32GB A1474
iPad mini 2 16GB A1489
iPad mini 3 64GB A1600
iPad Pro 9.7" 256GB A1673
iPhone 7 128GB A1660
iPhone 8+ 128GB A1864
iPhone SE 16GB A1662 US Cellular
ISCO Model 2350 LC Flow Control Module
(2) ISU Charging Station
ISU Fanny Pack
Misc. ISU T-Shirt
(3) IV Pole
(4) JBL Control 2P Speakers (pair)
Jenco pH/Temp Meter Model 671P
(2) JVC HR-XVC26U DVD Player & Video
Kenmore Freezer
Kensington Lock
(2) Keystone View Visual Survey Telebinocular
Kimble Glass Tubes Qty 125 (box)
Klett-Summerson Photoelectric Colorimeter
(3) Kodak Ektagraphic III AMT Projector
Kodak Ektagraphic III-E Plus Projector
Konica Minolta Medical Film Processor Model: SRX-101A Lab
Kontes Ultra-Ware HPLC Reservoir
(2) Lab Bottle Drying Rack
Lab Glass (box)
Lab Glass Condenser 24/40
Lab-Chron 1400 Timer
Lab-Line Instruments Waterbath
(2) LabConCo Heater
LabGlass Volatile Oil Trap - 5mL
Labline Instrument L-C Incubator
Labnet Hermle Z 233 M-2
Labnet Hermle Z 233 MK-2
Labtec Microphone
Lancer Vibratome Series 1000
Laser/ Ink Jet Labels
(4) Lenovo ThinkPad OneLink Pro Dock
(11) Lenovo ThinkPad OneLink+ Dock
(5) Lenovo ThinkPad USB-C Dock
LG 42LK 45IC-UB 42"TV
LinksKey LDV-212ASK KVM
(8) Load Cell Power & Readout Module
Logitech C525 Webcam
Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000
Logitech V-UBM46 Webcam
(4) Lounge Chair
Love Seat Mission Style
Luxor AV Cart
Markson Digital pH Meter Model 88
Matheson Model 8-580 Regulator
MechoShade Systems PCI-3
Medical Devices GV II Model 9700 Stimulator
Medical Devices Model 7100S IF II Stimulator
Meinl 14" Hi-Hat Top/Bottom Cymbal(s)
Meinl 20" Medium Ride Cymbal
Meinl SMack Stack(single) 14" Cymbal
Memorex Power Center
Metal Basket
Misc. Metal Lids
Metal Organizer
Metal Pan
(10) Metal Pans
(45) Metal Racks
Metal Shelf
(10) Metal Shelving
Metal Shelving Unit
Metal Shelving w/Glass Doors
Mettler AE 163
Mettler Toledo PB153-S Balance For Parts
(4) Microphone Cord
Microsoft Surface Book Base 1785
Microtek scanner
Midland WR-300 Weather Alert Radio
MIE Miniram Sun Shield PDM-SNS
Millipore Tank 60 Liter
Milton Roy Spectronic 20
Minolta X-370N Camera
Mirus Galleria FP2-UM1 Film Printer
(18) Misc. 4TB 3.5" HDD
(16) Misc. Metal Stands
Misc. Plates/Bowls
Misc. Vials (box)
(3) Miscellaneous PC Speakers
Mission Style Coffee Table
Mission Style Lounge Chair
MKS Mass Flow Controller Model 1359C-00100SV
(3) Molecular Device Emax Plate Reader
Monet Poster/Print-Framed
Monitor Arm
Mr. Heater Contractor Series
(3) Name Badge Holder Kit
Napco NLW-200 Laboratory Glassware Washer
NEC LCD4010 L404G6 MultiSync Monitor 40" VGA DVI
NEC M311W Projector
(4) NEC M322W Projector
NEC MultiSync LCD4620-2-AV 46" Widescreen LCD Display
NEC NP500W Projector
NEC P525UL Projector
(13) NEC PA550W Projector
(2) NEC PA622U Projector
(2) NEC PE401H Projector
Nelson Ross 201
Netgear ProSafe 5 Port FS105
Nikon CoolPix L32
Nimlok Display
Nova 4200e Surface Area & Pore Size Analyzer (Parts Only)
NuAire CO2 Incubator
Ohaus 1400/1500 Harvard Trip Balance
Ohaus Analytical Plus AP110S
(7) Optical Filters Misc.
Optix 400 3D Scanner
Optoma EzPro 737 Projector
(2) Orange Crush 35RT Amp
(2) Organizer
Orion Research Digital ionalyzer 59
Orion Research Model 701 Digital ph Meter
(2) Ottaman
Overhead Bin
(2) Overhead Light
Pair Musicians' Gear Tripod Speaker Stands
Panasonic Camera Bag
Panasonic PV-D4742 DVD VCR Deck
(2) Panasonic PV-D4743 DVD VCR Deck
Paper Towel Dispenser
(3) Particle Board Shelf
(43) PCV Connectors
Pearl Export 5 Piece Drum Set w/Bags
Pearl Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand (parts)
(2) Peavey PV115 Speaker
Peavy FX2 24 Channel Mixer w/Hard Case
Pedestal Square Table
Penetrometer Controller
Perkin Elmer Recorder Pen !
pH Meter 28
Pharmacia Biotech IPGphor Electrophoresis
Philips Infared Lamp 250W
(2) Phillips Medical Systems Cart
Phone Case
Plantronics P450-M Desktop Phone
Polaroid DS-34 Fotodyne Direct Screen Instant Camera
(2) Polycom CX300 Desktop Phone
Polycom Sound Station 2
Polycom Sound Station IP6000
Polycom Sound Station2
(15) Pool Que
Portfolio Vanity Bar 3 Light
Poster Print Framed
Precision Coliform Incubator Bath
Precision Incubator/Avey
Premier 14" Hi-Hat Top/Bottom Cymbal(s)
Premier 18" Cymbal
Premier Boom Cymbal Stand
Premier Cabria 4 pc Drum Set w/Bags
Premier Hi-Hat Stand (for parts)
Pressure Regulator
Pritchard Photo Research 880 w/Case
Protechtor by Gator Cymbal Case
(5) Proxim Wireless Access Point Orinoco AP-800 US
Puregas Heartless Dryer HF211-112-9
Pyrex 1000 ml Flat Bottom Flask
Pyrex 1000 ml Round Bottom Boiling Flask
Pyrex 1000ml Glass Separatory Funnel
(2) Pyrex 100ml Beaker
(7) Pyrex 125ml Flask
Pyrex 150ml Beaker
Pyrex 2000ml Glass Separatory Funnel
Pyrex 500ml
Pyrex 500ml w/Arm
Pyrex Funnel
QSC KW 181 Series Subwoofer
Quantum Battery 1+
(2) Quantum Battery 1+ with acessories
Quantum SuperLoader 3
Quest AQ-5000 Air Quality Monitor System
Quest Technologies Safe Log 100 Gas Monitor (parts only)
(6) RAB STL360 Bronze Super Stealth Security Light
(3) Radio Shack FM Wireless Microphone 32-1221B
Radio Shack Tripod
Radiometer BMS 3 Mk2 Blood Micro System
Radiometer Copenhager M11
RadioMeter pH Meter
Rainin Tips LTS 20 UL
(2) ReliOn Humidifier Filter
(10) Remotes-Misc.
Report Cover 2-Pocket (qty 8)
Rheodyne Model 7750/2TPMV
Ricoh Aficio MP 2000 Copier
(2) Ricoh PPC Refill Staple Type K
Ritter TG20 Drum-Type Gas Meter
RMV Bass Drum Pedal
Rocking Chair
Rockville RPM45 4 Channel Mixer/Amplifier
Roll Carpet
(21) Rolling Chair
Rolling Mill Machine
(2) Rolling Stool
(3) Room Divider Portable
Room Divider w/Wheels
Rough Cut Ash 14.5 bf
Rough Cut Burr Oak 10 bf
Rough Cut Hacberry 22 bf
Rough Cut Hackberry 8 bf
Rough Cut Red Oak 8 bf
Rough Cut Red Oak 9 bf
(35) Rubber Stoppers Assorted Sizes
Sabian B8 Thin Crash 15" Cymbal
Samson CT7 UHF Beltpack Transmitter
Samsung DVD-V9800 VCR & DVD Player
Samsung ML-3312ND Printer
Samsung SyncMaster 400 PXn Monitor
Samsung V-5500 DVD/VCR Player
ScanSnap S1300i
(2) Scientists Products Waterbath
SciERA Hot Shaker
Scrap Computer Pallet
Sears Kenmore Freezer-LAB Use only
Misc. Seat Cushions
(13) Seed Trays
(50) Seed Trays-Wood
Sensi Touch C2005 RS 232 Plate Reader w/Key Pad
(12) Sensor w/Metal Base
Separatory Funnel
Sharp Compet QS-2760 Calculator
Sharp LC-42D64U 42" AQUOS® 1080p Widescreen LCD HDTV
Sharp Television XM-2001
Sharp VCR XA-305
Shure PGADRUMKIT7 Microphone Kit
Shutter Control
SII Smart Label Printer 450
SIIG HDMI Extender over 2 CAT5e with IR
Silver Step Banner Stand
Simpson Gain Reduction Gauge
(14) Sink Stoppers
(3) Skyline Banner Stand
(3) Soldering Wire
Solo Ultra Low Freezer RR10-3
Sony AM/FM/TV/Weather Radio
(4) Sony EVI-D70 Color Video Camera
Sony KDL40EX400 40” TV
Sony Vaio PCG-61611L For Parts
Sorvall RC5B Refrigerated Superspeed Centrifuge
Spectrum 6 String Bass Guitar w/Soft Case
Sport Blanket
Squier Bronco Bass by Fender
Steinlite Electronic Moisture Tester
Stirrer Calab
(4) Storage Container
String/Rope Holder w/Handle
(15) Sunglasses
Swingline 3 Hole Punch 350MD
(9) Swingline Premium Staples
Swintec 4040 Typewriter
(3) Symbol Scanner
T-Fal 2Qt Pan
(3) Table
(2) Table Top
Table Top Photo Frame
TacTronics SoundSurge Headphones
Tama Cymbal Stand
Tama Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand
Tama Iron Cobra 200 Double Bass Drum Pedal
(2) Target DP Vials C4000-1
Target Polyspring
(2) Tennant Floor Scrubber
Misc. Test Tube Rack
(2) Test Tubes w/ Tray
The Matheson Co Pressure Regulator
The Matheson Co. Pressure Regulator
The Matheson Co. Regulator
Thermo Forma Micro Centrifuge (parts only)
Thermo Micromixer Mxi4t
Thermo Neslab RTE 7 Digital Plus Circulating Water Bath
Thermo Scientific 7150 Barnstead Nanopure
Thermo Scientific Microplate Shaker Model 88882005 (parts only)
Thermolyne 17600 Dri-Bath
Thermolyne Nuova II Stir Plate
Thomas Shaking Apparatus
(5) TOA 900 Series A-903MK2 Amplifier
(3) TOA 900 Series A-906MK2 Amplifier
TOA 900 Series A-912MK2 Amplifier
TOA 900 Series II Amp. A-903MK2
Torsion Balance
Toshiba DVR620KU DVD Video Cassette Recorder
(2) Toshiba SD-V296-K-TU DVD VCR Player
Tote w/Lid
(4) Trash Bin
(4) Trash Can
(7) Trash Can w/ Lid
(3) Trendnet PoE Switch TPE-S44
Trendnet TK-407 USB KVM Switch
Tripp-Lite 2 Port VGA/SVGA Splitter
TriVac Pump
(2) Turing Technologies Presenter Card
(3) TV Wall Mount
(9) Typewriter Accessories
UMax PowerLook 3000
Vials and Caps (Bag)
Victor 2640-2 Calculator
Victor Equipment Company Gauge
Victor Equipment Company Regulator
Vintage U.S Cauge CO. N.Y. Vacuum
Wacom ArtPad II
Waechtersbach Christmas Tree Glass Ornaments-4
Wall Display-Brochures
Walter Norris Pressure Regulator
Water Bottle Sampler
Waterbath Mo. 686A Mod 1
Welding Goggles
Wescor 5500 Vapor Pressure Osmometer
Western Enterprises Compressed Gas Regulator
Weston Model 301 Gauge
Weston Model 301 Percentage Modulation Gauge
Whatman 96 Well Unifilter Plate Devices Short Drip 800uL 7700-1804
Whatman UNIPLATE Microplates 96 Well Round Bottom 2mL # 7701-1800
(2) Wheels (bag of 4)
Whirlpool Gas Oven
(3) White Board w/ Wheels
Wildlife Supply Company Water Bottle Sampler 1805 ML5
Wildlife Supply Company Water Bottle Sampler 1806
(4) Wire Basket
Wire Rack
(14) Wood Chair
Wood Crate Box
Wood Desk w/Drawer
Wood Display Case
(49) Wood Door/Panels
(2) Wood Shelf
Wood Stand/Holder
Wood w/ Glass Display Cabinet
(3) Wooden Case
(9) Wooden Chair
(2) Xerox Phaser 6200 Magenta
Xerox Phaser 6200 Yellow
(5) Yamaha DBR10 Powered PA Speaker
YSI Model 5300 Biological Oxygen Monitor
Zagg Tablet Keyboard
Zildjian ZBT Crash 16" Cymbal
Zildjian ZBT Hi-Hat Bottom 14" Cymbal
Zildjian ZBT Ride 20" Cymbal


Upcoming Closings

  • No Dept Sale 5/30/23
  • No Public Sale 5/31/23

Sale Hours

Office Furniture

File Cabinets $5 - $50
Metal Desks $5 - $50
Wood Desks $25- $200
Tables $5 - $50
Chairs $1 - $50
$10 - $100

Computer Equipment

Keyboards $3
Mice $3
Speakers $1-5
Printers $1 - $100
Computers $1 - $300
Servers $10 - $300
Monitors $1 - $75
Cables $0.25 - $5
Hard Drives $3-30